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Discounted Airtime for (bigger) Shops

If you run a shop or business and you you would like to sell pre-paid airtime in your shop or business then we have a better option for you.

If you sell less than R10,000.00 airtime per month then the system on the Main Page is for you

If you sell more than R10,000.00 per month this advanced system will be more profitable for you and also provides more reports and controls.

The POS System

With this system

  • You download and run our free POS software on your computer. This can be any Windows based computer which drives your tills (Point Of Sale) or it can be a free-standing computer
    You MUST have a printer installed to the computer, any Windows installed printer will work.
  • The system can manage many users at the same time (many till points)
  • It is capable of keeping stock (suitable for Dial up users)
  • Or it fetches single vouchers on demand, as requested by the customer, using a permanent internet connection (3G or ADSL users).
  • The discount is bigger using this system (minimum spend R10K per month)
    See our Price list here
  • It is easy to setup and maintain
  • The system and software is free to download and there are no monthly fees. Updates are also free.

For more information please see our POS web site at:

PS. If you do not sell at least R10,000.00 Airtime per month we will not provide this service to you.



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